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An incalculable number of different additives can be found in the market.

Amongst its functionalities, they are distinguished for: stabilization of the system, improvement of the rheological properties, improvement of the brightness, leveling of surfaces, modifications of the surface to increase the affinity for organic composites and vice versa, anti-foaming, anti-skins, etc.

Our additives are specialties and technological innovations for applications involving colors.

In plastics, besides improving the dispersion of pigments and mineral loads, they modify the properties of polymers, increasing its capacity of stretching and resistance to impact, reduce the oxidation, and increase the resistance to weather fastness, among other benefits.

In coatings, they improve the incorporation of pigments, the brightness, the viscosity and the tack to the most different substrata.

In the ceramic industry, they promote a reduction of the water use in the preparation of masses and increase the fluidity, reducing the drying costs and in case of sanitary ceramics, they allow a better fulfilling of the molds, eliminating the posterior formation of bubbles and its consequences.

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