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Handling og Big Bags

Ystral BigBag-handling-system

  • With the ystral BigBag-Handling-System powdery materials are inducted directly from a BigBag into liquids, completely wetted and dispersed.
  • All type of powders can be handled from one way or re-useable  BigBags with a bottom outlet.
  • The BigBag is lifted into the emptying position and the powder is inducted without any loss.
  • The vacuum that is required to induct the powder is created by the induction  machine itself.
  • A pneumatic emptying aid is used to completely empty the BigBag.
  • For heavily flowing powders or bridge forming powders a fluidiser is installed in-between the BigBag and the powder  induction machine.
  • The system is equipped with a hoist, fork lift or hoists are not required to handle the BigBag.


  • ystral powder wetting machine Conti-TDS
  • BigBag adapter
  • ystral fluidiser FSA-5
  • BigBag receiving table
  • Frame support with chain hoist
  • Switchboard


  • lift BigBag with hoist in emptying position
  • attach to BigBag receiving table
  • induct powder
  • use pneumatic emptying aid to completely empty the BigBag and stretch BigBag
  • after emptying, replace BigBag

Technical data

  • BigBag in one way or refillable execution
  • Filling weight maximum 2.000 kg
  • Bottom outlet, diameter 400 mm, length 500 mm
  • Dimensions max. 1.300x1.300x2.000 mm