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Combat against counterfeiting and piracy


It is estimated that about 5 to 8% of the worldwide sales are involved in counterfeited products. This number represents approximately USD 500 billions, equivalent to 50% of the GDP in Brazil and it is expected to grow up to approximately USD 2 trillions in the next 20 years.

 The companies have been excessively tolerant with the counterfeiting and the illegal producers so far, expecting that the governments solve this problem. It is notorious, however, that governments do not have magical solutions. On the other hand, the organized crime continues making fantastic profits.

   Time has come for the manufacturers to think about the security of their products the same way central banks think about the security of their own currencies.

   Forscher, through its partnerships with the DatatraceDNA from Australia and HW Sands from USA, offers the most modern response to struggle against the counterfeiting and piracy of the products in the various different areas of applications, but mainly, in the cosmetic and medicament industries.

Forscher offers the markers of nanotechnology of the DatatraceDNA as a definitive solution in the combat against the counterfeiting of practically any manufactured product.

 These markers are inert and resistant, and they can be incorporated to the products during or after their production. They are composites that emit specific responses when they are set under a special light. These responses are as accurate as fingerprints. They are read and interpreted by special portable equipment.

  The system is formed by three basic pillars: specific materials of marking, a high technology reading device and a variable reading algorithmic, that practically makes this system impossible to be reproduced. These markers can be used with the purpose of legalizing products before being improperly used or bought. They can also identify these products in case of incorrect or inadequate use afterwards.

  The area of applications is enormous. Products aiming critical applications, as for example plastics of engineering, can be marked. If some technical or accidental problem occurs, it can be easily identified whether the mentioned plastic has been manufactured by homologated companies or not. As these indicators are particular for each manufacturer, they have a forensic value. 

  As the result of our partnership with the HW Sands, we offer special products such as pigments that are sensible to ultraviolet light, to infra-red light, Polarized Technology Enlightening Codifier (PTEC), where the occult images can be identified only with the help of special decoding lenses and hidden printed images disclosed by lenticular lenses (HIDDEN).

  The technology of an occult image by polarized light is a highly efficient method to protect a product against counterfeiting that, plus the simplicity of verification by the final user, with the help of a low cost decoder lens, result in a binomial that, for the last five years of existence, has not suffered a single counterfeiting occurrence.

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