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Inline Dispersing

Inline high speed disperser

  • Inline-machines work according to the principle of the rotor-stator-principle with a high shear energy.

  • Because of the combined effect of different particle reduction effects this machine achieves an extremely fine distribution of solid particles (suspensions) and liquids (emulsions) in a basic liquid.

  • The continuous disintegration is achieved with a high shear gradient in a rotor-stator-system, that my be adapted to different processing aims.

  • A robust construction, precise dispersing tools and a high efficiency guarantee an economical result.

  • The machines are easy to install to existing tanks and offer an easy integration into the existing piping system.

  • Rotor and stator rings with different sizes of slots allow an individual adaptation to the given processing task.

  • With the use of a frequency converter, the range of applications can be extended further.


The combination of a narrow radial gap between rotor and stator with very high peripheral speed extremely high shear energy is provided. The product passes the gap between the rotor teeth and reaches the shear zone and leaves it through the stator slots. In the range of low to medium viscosity, the machine can pump the product by itself. The geometry of rotor and stator, that are adapted to the processing aim determine the performance of the system

  • Principle
    The product is guided through the rotor-stator-system. The inner shear ring accelerates the product to its maximum, the stator shear ring reduces the speed to almost zero and the next rotor shear ring accelerates the product. This principle reduces particles and/or droplets very effective and distributes them homogeneously in the product.

  • Techniques
    By a coupling the dispersing head is connected to the drive motor. Depending on the specification of the end product, the rotor-stator-system may be equipped with up to six shear rings. The size of the slots is determined by the application and may be vary from step to step. For special applications, the dispersing chamber may be equipped with a cooling or heating jacket.

  • Sealing
    Depending on the application, different types of seals may be installed. Single action seals cooled and lubricated by the product or double action seal systems, cooled and lubricated by a separate cooling and lubricating system, may be used.


  • Emulsions
    Narrow droplet spectrum and short treatment times for vegetable and animal components of type W/O and O/W.

  • Pigment suspension
    Good wetting of pigments and breaking of agglomerates results in a maximum concentration of dry contents.

  • Dilution of SLES
    By individually and controlled dosing the different components, an absolutely lump-free mixture can be achieved.

  • Homogenizing
    Pastes, gels, Pectin, CMC powder and similar products are being dispersed absolutely lump-free.

  • Colloidal and real solutions may be produced in shortest time. The energy brought into the system by the dispersing elements accelerate the dissolving process.
    Other applications are: extracting, splitting up fibers and disintegration of products.

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