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Mixing and Dispersing of Powder in Linquids

System for mixing and dispersing powder in liquids

System for mixing and dispersing of powdery substances with liquid as well as residue-free emptying of containers when adding individual components (concentrates, liquids, paste) from different transporting  containers (buckets, drums, barrels etc.)

During the manufacturing of products a variety of additives as individual components in liquid or powdery consistency have to be added to the product from different sized and shaped containers.
The required time for the handling is time and cost intensive as most of these task have to be carried out manually only.
The ystral Conti-TDS powder wetting machine handles these tasks operator friendly and economically.

The Conti-TDS circulates the contents of the vessel (e.g. water basis), creates a vacuum and uses it to induct powdery or liquid components dust- resp. residue-free into the liquid phase. Adding the powdery or liquid components is handled by two different inlets into the dispersing and mixing head of the Conti-TDS.

By using adequate periphery, such as a container emptying system, in combination with a ystral Conti-TDS, different transporting and storage bins may be completely emptied. The bins are rinsed and washed by a spray nozzle, using the basic liquid in the vessel. Additional pumps are not required as this task is handling by the Conti-TDS as well. After emptying and cleaning, the empty bins may be disposed without any problem. The required components will be used up to 100% as no remnants will remain inside the bin and have to be considered as wasted.

As all required processing steps (powder induction, liquid induction, dispersing, pumping, sample taking, rinsing) are handled by the Conti-TDS, additional pumps or other equipment is not necessary any longer.
The system offers a very efficient cleaning of the whole system.

It can be CIP-cleaned, including the emptying station. With a pre-set cleaning program all parts in contact with the product are cleaned completely. Rinsing cycles and drainage can be set to the requirement of the respective production.

With the module weighing system the adding of components may be documented. The individual components are added by an automatic receipt control system. With receipt control and monitoring systems all relevant data may be stored (dosing quantities, speed, temperature, pH level).

Resume of the mandatory points of the system:

  Residue-free emptying of different sized and shaped containers
  Dust-free induction and dispersing of powdery components into the liquid phase
  Economical and operator friendly working procedure
  Add on system to cope with different tasks
  All parts in contact with the product in stainless steel
  All functions covered by the use of the Conti-TDS
   (powder induction, liquid induction, rinsing, dispersing mixing, sample taking, pumping)