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Mixing & Dispersing

Simultaneously mixing and dispersing

  • The Ystral Dispermix is being used when simple mixing is not sufficient but dispersing with a rotor-stator-system is too intensive.

  • The Dispermix causes an intensive mixing of the micro and macro range in the product and simultaneously disperses the product completely in one operation.

  • An additional second step with a high shear machines often is not required anymore.

  • The Dispermix offers an optimal mixing and dispersing energy,  high economy of operation and simple handling and fulfils the demand of any fastidious production process

  • The product is mixed without incorporation of air by a Vortex or along the mixing shaft.

  • The whole contents of the vessel, even high viscosity product, is mixed homogeneously and dispersed.

  • While mixing, all agglomerates are being broken and the particles are reduced down to their initial corn size and completely wetted.

  • An additional dispersing step with a high shear machine can be avoided in many cases.

  • The  possibility to use an electronic speed control device, the modular design as well as the possibility of an individual selection of dispersing tools for each application fulfill the demand of any fastidious production process

Information and function

  • Together with the Dispermix stator a fast rotating rotor creates two streams directed in different directions.

  • A partial vertical stream is directed to the bottom of the vessel.

  • There it is diverted and causes strong turbulence in the whole vessel.

  • The second partial stream is redirected horizontally and forced to pass through the dispersing zone of the Dispermix head.

  • Turbulence in the Dispermix head and a strong vertical upheaval are mandatory for an optimal mixing of the contents in a vessel.

  • The patented Dispermix head works according to the principle of a rotor-stator-system and causes strong turbulence in the vessel as well as a particle size reduction of solids and agglomerates.

  • For a Dispermix there is no „unfavorable” design of a vessel. Depending on the situation, the Dispermix may be installed onto a tank from top, from the bottom or as side entry.


  • Reduction of production time as no additional shear ring dispersing is required.

  • Short, reproducible treating times when adding dry substances.

  • Constant standard of quality because of an absolutely lump-free solution.

  • Narrow droplet spectrum by a homogen distribution of the shear energy.

  • Independent from any change of the viscosity.

  • Reducing cost for raw material as different product qualities may be handled, independent from the dispersing and wetting characteristics.

  • Reduction of the amount of emulsifiers because of a better disintegration and dispersion.

  • Complete desagglomeration and suspension.


  • Emulsions
    Narrow droplet spectrum, short treating time, saving of additional processing steps (high pressure homogenizer, high shear machine).

  • Pigment suspension
    Good wetting of pigments, maximum concentration of dry substances.

  • Thickener solutions
    Absolute lump-free solutions, independent from the speed of adding powder.

  • Dilution of SLES
    Dilution of SLES from 70% to 5-28% in a very short time without foaming. Additional processing steps with the same machine to finish the product (e.g. shampoo ...).

  • Sauces
    Complete combustion of the powder compounds and simultaneous emulsifying of the liquid.

  • Concentrate for drinks
    Remarkable reduction of required additional processing steps with a high pressure homogenizer.

  • Premix for ice cream
    High concentrations of dry substances are treated without any problem. Fat (liquid or blocks) is emulsified completely.

  • Wax emulsion or wax dispersion
    Fast treatment of the wax phase (blocks, pellets, plates, etc.), short homogenizing time, reproducible droplet spectrum.

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