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For Dispersion

Trough partnerships with specialized companies, Forscher is offering a new dispersion technology for pigments and mineral loads in watery systems, by using the principle of electric capacitance to promote the separation of particles and stabilize them.

This technology allows the reduction in the use of additives, elimination of anti-foaming agents and a reduction in the viscosity of the system.

Please contact us and get to know more about this system.

Apart from that, through our partnership with the German company Ystral GmbH, we are able to offer to the user market of pigments and mineral loads, high technological dispersion equipments, capable of reducing the current milling time in up to 60% and eliminating the work environment contamination problem due to the formation of dust during the pigment manipulation and other products in powder form.

Learn a little bit more about this product on the industries page, by following the equipments link or by visiting Ystralís website at