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Forscher initiated its operations in December 2003, with the intention of creating new solutions, administrative and technological, to our customers, in several application areas.
In April 2004 we firmed a contract with BASF S/A to provide them a special service, by administrating their central of samples for the business units of Performance Chemicals (Pigments, Textile, Detergents and Automotive).

In May 2004, Forscher became the exclusive representative of the pigment line Sicocer® from BASF AG for the ceramic market in South America, and the exclusive distributor of a new technology of pigments for the segment of inks and varnishes, for a specific application in aqueous systems.
In February 2005, Forscher firmed a partnership with the Brazilian company INDECO, specialized in energies and environment, starting to offer to its customers, services of reduction of electric energy costs, achieved through the free market of energy. Apart from that, a new technology of pigment dispersion has been developed with electrodes of electric capacitance and is already in phase of tests in some printing inks manufacturers.
Still in the first trimester of 2005, Forscher initiates looking for partners in Asia to provide high quality products to the Brazilian and South American markets.
The first partnership with an Asian company has been firmed with the company Vicome Corp from Taiwan. Vicome is focused on the production of daylight fluorescent pigments, offering a complete product line for several applications. Their products have already been approved by several companies, principally for powder coatings and printing inks.
More partnerships have been achieved with other Asian companies, making it possible for Forscher to offer a large variety of product options, like organic pigments (Classical and high performance), inorganic pigments (Titanium dioxide, Iron oxides, Milori blue and Ultramarine Blue), effect pigments (pearlescent), especial pigments (thermochromic, photochromic, fragrance) and additives (dispersants and rheological modifiers)
In September 2005, Forscher initiated a partnership with the German company Ystral GmbH – Maschinenbau und Processtechnick - specialized in the manufacture of equipments for wetting and dispersions of powders in liquids, mixture of gases in liquids and liquids in liquids, through an innovative technology. These equipments are very versatile and simple to be installed, what allows a significant reduction of the processing costs, improvement of the product quality and the increase of the work hygiene, among other advantages.
Still in September, Forscher firmed another partnership, this time with the Brazilian company VCE Control and Automation - focused in projects and industrial assemblies - to give all necessary support for the installation of the equipments from Ystral GmbH for the industries: coatings and varnishes, printing inks and cosmetics among others.
Forscher will also act in the cosmetic market, offering high technological products from a famous South Korean Institute and companies of vanguard. Please wait for upcoming news!
September has been a very intense month for Forscher. We are very glad to announce our latest distribution agreement with the British company Wolstenholme International Ltd. - a world-wide leader in the production of metallic pigments, metallic inks and carbon black dispersions - starting to offer to the Brazilian market their innovative and high quality products for the segments of coatings, printing inks, plastics, cosmetics, textile, paper and pyrotechnics. It’s important to inform that all their products have the FDA approval for food and toys, and attend to the ASTM 4236 norm for heavy metals.