Forscher to Distribute JDSU Chromaflair® and SpectraFlair® pigments in Brazil
New high performance red pigments
The strengh of the nanotech barcode
Fight against piracy - Proving Ownership of Metals - The DatatraceDNA® System Provides Unequivocal Authentication of Metal Components like Cables, Pipes and Other Metal Materials
Concrete Mixing Uniformity - The Datatrace DNA® Concrete Quality Control Test: A Patent-Pending, Rapid, Reliable, In-Situ Indicator of Homogeneity, Water Content, and Strength in Concrete

Fight against piracy - Permanent Authentication of Coatings


Fight against piracy – Permanent Authentication of Metal - The DatatraceDNA® System Provides Tracking and Authentication of Valuable Components like Weapons, Aircraft Parts & materials such as Composites & Glass


ABRAFATI 2007 Forscher’s participation was successful


TICO™ – High Performance Titanium Color Pigments – a new option for the replacement of lead and cadmium pigments


Fight against piracy – Forscher is bringing to Brazil the most modern technologies of fight against piracy, being distinguished the Chemical DNA


Thermochromic effects – the use in decorative paints – Walls that change color with the variation of temperature of the environment. It knows the complete line of water based preparations of Foscher.